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“Using Indy Prep has been a game changer for my business. I have used several prep centers in the past, but no one has been as efficient and accurate as Indy Prep. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and the communication is top notch. If you are wanting to be more than just a person that sells on Amazon, then your next step should be to scale your business. Indy Prep gives you the comfort of knowing that your hard research and work is in good hands. I now have my time back and am able to work on my business as opposed to in my business.”

Frank DeMaria

"Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances it's been necessary to focus my time and energy in areas other than my fba business. Thanks to Gary, Alisha and Kami I've been able to keep my business not only afloat but healthy! They understand and respect my requests, often pointing out imperfections in products that I might miss myself. I have never had a single shipping or product issue since joining forces with them, and the cost effectiveness of their services makes utilizing them and their expertise even more desirable. I'm grateful beyond words and am looking forward to continuing a long term business relationship with them."

J.B. Guess

“I'm really excited that I am able to work with Gary and Alisha at Indy Prep. Because they have been longtime sellers on Amazon, they know what it takes to prep the products properly. Every time something was damaged, even if just the box was a little off, they sent me a picture right away and asked what I want them to do. I trust that they send in the products as I would, which gives me time to work on growing my business. Thanks Alisha and Gary!”

Caro Mollett

“Knowing I can have my products shipped to Indy Prep with confidence that they will be well prepped and shipped to Amazon in a timely manner has been a huge benefit in growing my business. They are very helpful and so accommodating to work with. It's been the best thing I've done for my business and I'm so glad I chose Indy Prep. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Prep Center they can trust and depend on! Do yourself a favor and let Indy Prep to the prep work!”

J. Hester

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